Hot lunch is held on Wednesdays.  All orders must be turned in on Tuesday. We do not accept orders on Wednesday. In case of absence, calling order in to the office is acceptable and money must be turned in the following day. We utilize hot lunch money to fundraise for individual classrooms. Look for order forms in your child’s communication folder weekly. Money is collected in advance (the day before) to allow for planning. You may purchase tickets in advance in the office. We have a NO REFUND policy if a student orders a hot lunch and is absent for any reason on hot lunch day.

Parents are encouraged to participate in donations of food items when requested from your individual class towards a Hot Lunch that they are providing. The classroom makes a considerable amount more money when food items are donated. Hot Lunch Envelopes are sent home regularly and purchase of tickets can be made through the communication folder with this envelope. Tickets are $4.00 each.

Hot lunch is TICKET only, you must pre-buy tickets and attach to order slip each week.