Kindergarten Suggestions

Kindergarten Readiness Suggestions

Kindergarten Readiness Suggestions

Kindergarten is filled with fun activities that enhance growth spiritually, socially and academically. The process of learning to read begins on day one and progresses quickly. One of the greatest factors for students to succeed is their level of maturity. Therefore, our Kindergarten students need to be five by the first day of school. All incoming kindergarten students will be required to take a reading READINESS test, passing at 80%.

We are providing some suggestions for academic, social and spiritual guidelines that will help a student’s success when they are preparing to enter Kindergarten. These suggestions can be intentionally implemented at home and/or pre-school settings. Activities in your daily home life will prepare them for great success.

1. Reading & Writing:

  • Is developing a knowledge about the alphabet
  • Handles a pair of scissors correctly and carefully. Has some experience with cutting.
  • Familiar with some nursery rhymes
  • Enjoys listening to stories
  • Recognizes rhyming sounds and words
  • Helpful if they can identify the names of letters in the alphabet
  • Holds a pencil correctly
  • Writes their name with a capital letter first and the rest lower case

2. Math :

  • Recognize #’s 1-25 (more is better)
  • Write #’s 1-10
  • Reciting the #’s aloud in order
  • Recognize coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
  • Recognize basic shapes
  • Recognize primary colors.
  • Has an idea of time; a calendar, days of the week.
  • Familiar with words of position and direction (on, under, over, next to, closed, front, behind, outside, around, between, left, right, above, below, far, near)

3. Spiritual:

  • Has exposure to the meaning of Salvation
  • Understands that God is to be honored (bowing head, folding hands, not talking during prayer)
  • Familiarity with Bible stories
  • Have an exposure to Godly character (what it is, how do I show Godly character)

4. Social:

  • Can sit still for 20 minutes at a time with self control.
  • Keeps hands to self (no hitting, pushing, punching, pinching or biting)
  • Is able to verbally express their needs or problems
  • Bathroom readiness (able to complete independently)

As parents, the love and support that you provide at home will aid your child from Kindergarten through High School. Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important. You are their first teacher, so please enjoy preparing them for kindergarten and school life while seeking the Lord for discernment and clear direction.