Dress Codeboy21

Foothills’ intent is to achieve a reasonable and appropriate manner of dress for all. Parent support in this effort is appreciated.

Foothills does not require students to wear uniforms, instead all students must adhere to the following code. A student’s manner of dress or general appearance should demonstrate respect and not interfere with or disrupt the orderly operation of the classroom or school. The dress code at Foothills is basic: no skulls, nothing immoral & everything modest. In addition, students may not have nor display any permanent body art (tattoos). NO saying or pictures on clothing or accessories that are: Demonic in nature or against Christianity, a poor example to others, articles that involve emblems pertaining to gangs, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, death (including skulls), mutilation, or violence, groups or bands that depict any of the above.

No holes in any clothing (including jeans).

*Foothills Christian School requires a one-piece bathing suit to be worn at any school function with such attire. A tankini or “board shorts and a tee-shirt” are not an acceptable substitute.

Pants: Sagging pants or shorts are not acceptable; pants must fit at the waist.

Shirts: Tank tops need to be at least 1” wide. Strapless shirts, midriff shirts, halter tops, tube tops, and tops with spaghetti straps may not be worn. Any exposed cleavage, undergarments or stomach is not acceptable.

Skirts, Dresses, Shorts: Need to be no shorter than six inches above the knee while kneeling down. Wearing leggings under a skirt or dress does not remove our six inch requirement.

Skirts and dresses are to be worn with shorts underneath.

Accessories: No jewelry requiring body piercing in areas other than the

earlobe. No ear piercing for boys. No studded jewelry of any kind. No chains on/hanging from their person or having them in their possession, including wallets.

Shoes: Must be worn at all times on campus. Athletic shoes must be worn during Physical Education classes as well.

Hats: Not allowed to be worn in the classroom.