143791 Sports-Volleyball-icon1Sports-Volleyball-icon Few activities prepare us for a rich and successful life as participating in sports. In fact, we strongly believe such values as teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and integrity are directly related to our students’ athletic activities. Sports breeds a level of growth above and beyond what the classroom can teach—and in fact, often helps elevate a student’s academic life. And most importantly, it’s fun.

Sports programs offered in the 4th – 6th grade*:

  • Boys Flag Football (fall)
  • Boys/Girls Basketball (winter)
  • Cheer (2nd – 5th Grade)



These programs are contingent on whether we have volunteer coaches available to run them. In the case where no coaches were available, any money collected would be refunded. The fee for these programs cover uniform shirts, league fees, referee fees and insurance, team parties and coaches’ gifts.

  • Practices will be held on and off-campus.
  • All games are played on week days in the San Diego area.
  • A consent form must be signed before the student may begin practice.

* Our Middle School 6th Grade students are allowed to participate on the elementary school’s teams.